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6 Ways to Ditch Your Bad Money Habits

6 Ways to Ditch Your Bad Money Habits

Posted On: October 18, 2019 by Axiom Bank in: Budgeting, Financial Planning, Personal Finance, Save money, Savings

Too many Americans have poor money habits. Do you resonate with this in the way you spend and think about money? Perhaps you were never taught financial literacy in school like many others. However, there’s no time better than the present to start learning, so why not learn it from the experts at Axiom Bank? These are tried and true ways to say goodbye to bad money habits.  Track Your Spending It’s easy to overspend if we don’t really know that we are overspending. If you don’t take a close look at what’s coming out of your bank account on a recurring basis, you may be even more hesitant to purchase unnecessarily. Set a date of the week to review your purchases. A good day might be a Sunday so that you can review what you spend the week prior and take note of how you can improve. Ignorance does not equal bliss when it comes to finances.  Choose Growth Over Convenience So many of us love the convenience of fast food or the ability to have

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