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6 Personal Cybersecurity Tips

6 Personal Cybersecurity Tips

Posted On: June 15, 2020 by Axiom Bank in: Cyber-Security, General

The statistics on cybersecurity are shocking; data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records in the first half of 2019 (source). According to the University of Maryland, hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day—but the average time to identify a breach in 2019 was 206 days. By protecting yourself with these easy steps, you can avoid the multitude of issues that accompany a cyberattack. 1. Use Strong and Varying Passwords  Don’t underestimate the importance of your password strength! Change your password multiple times per year. Strong passwords are a combination of at least 10 letters, numbers and symbols. Make sure to use a different password for each account. 2. Be Careful With Your Personal Info  Limit the amount of personal information that you put on the internet. Common security questions, such as your mother’s maiden name or childhood pet name, can be seemingly benign pieces of information that offer hackers

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