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The new way to bank digitally that’s affordable, accessible and secure.

A New Alternative to Traditional Checking

Traditional Checking accounts can be too limiting – with daily balance limits, transaction limits, check writing limits...etc. You need something that functions the way you live; ready to take on the day, improve and take aim at achieving your dreams. What you need is AxiomGO.

What is AxiomGO?

AxiomGO is a checkless checking account designed for you. It replaces traditional check-based checking accounts and takes mobile banking one step further. It’s a completely digital way to bank.


Benefits of Using AxiomGO

To say that AxiomGO will change the way you interact with your finances is an understatement:

  • Provides timely access to account information to help you make better decisions
  • Make purchases quickly and easily with your AxiomGO debit card
  • Expedites access to your money
  • Makes banking more affordable
  • Allows you to gain control and better manage your finances


Getting Started with AxiomGO!

We're currently in the final stages of perfecting AxiomGO. The full product rollout will happen in August 2017, so stayed tuned for more details about this game-changing digital account from Axiom Bank!


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