6 Ways to Travel Like a Minimalist and Save Money

If you’ve been putting off travel because you think it’s too expensive, think again! The new minimalism trend is taking off - more than the tiny houses you’ve seen. They are proving to be a helpful mindset and strategy for travelers. Here’s the inside scoop of how to cut costs on your next trip.

Plan, Plan, Plan

One undervalued trait that minimalists have is the ability to plan ahead. As enticing as a spur of the moment trip may be, that can often lead to even more unexpected expenses. When we say plan, we mean plan and then plan some more. Be on the lookout for the greatest deals and the best time of the year to travel, even down to what day you purchase flight tickets.

Keep More of Your Money

When on the go during a vacation, you’ll want to be able to access your funds anytime, anywhere. With AxiomGO, you’ll be able to pay bills with Picture Pay, check your balance and pay without taking out your wallet! My $ Manager is also a piece of this great tool, which helps you keep spending in check!

Pack Light

A hallmark of a true minimalist and saver is less is more (money). Aim to have only one carry-on bag, even if your trip is going to be a few weeks. You will be able to go to a laundromat or clean your clothes at your lodging. This can save you hundreds of dollars. Many times, we often don’t wear or use half of the items we bring with us on vacations. Choose comfortable and climate-appropriate clothes. If you are crunched for space, consider this technique for maximum space.

Utilize Public Transit

Instead of renting a car, take advantage of the local bus or rail system on your trip. If you are looking to travel in Europe, this is especially easy to do! The trains are reasonable and can get you practically anywhere. Not only is this an economical choice, but it is an even better way to really get to know the area you're visiting.

Go Natural

This ties into traveling light, but if there is any time to really let go, it’s on vacation! Leave all of those hair products and perfumes behind. Just enjoy the experience of a minimalist traveler. Now you can spend more time having fun!

Rethink Traditional

When you think of travel accommodations, the hotel may be the first thing to come to mind. Although hotels have their perks, it may be less expensive to find an alternative option. Hostels and personal rent-a-room services are easily an affordable option. Leave what you thought cheap lodging was behind - people are really vamping up their spaces to have a more personable hotel-feel.

Sweet Memories Over Souvenirs

Go with excitement and leave with only memories and photos. Often times, souvenirs are trinkets left on a shelf for years before finally disposed of. How much nicer would it be to have a hundred pictures and memories to hold onto? This will also save you space on your trip back! Remember, we are thinking minimalism here, so it’s important to stress the value of experiences over things.

When you’re traveling this season, allow us to help you keep your money safe in order to save up for your big trips to come!