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  • February 17, 2020

    While it’s not a good idea to go after any “get rich quick” schemes, there are some ways that you can quickly get more money than you have had on a typical month. The secret is to be cautious with your spending. This is obviously easier said than done, but it’s a way to “make” money without having to spend money. Follow your favorite one or challenge yourself to all five! Sell Your Skills Do you have a hobby that people would be willing to pay you for? Are

  • February 10, 2020

    Start the year out strong so you can finish the end of next year with a bang! These are some of our favorite savings resolutions that are great for novice savers or experts! 1. Start with the emergency fund. The first step you should take this year is to make steps to build up an emergency fund. Don’t let the unexpected set you painfully back in your budget and even from your ability to pay bills. Seventy eight percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford to have a

  • January 13, 2020

    Looking to boost your retirement savings? Look no further! Here are some tips on how to do just that! Step Up the 401(k) If your company is matching your 401(k), make sure you take advantage of this now! Once you have established this for a year, consider ramping up your percentage by 1. Every other year or so, increase the percentage. Because you are increasing it at a slow rate, it’s unlikely that you will really notice it month to month, but you’ll love seeing your account grow.  Don’t

  • January 6, 2020

    2020 is here and here are our favorite savings tips to help you kick off the new year! Start saving for retirement. Starting to save for retirement now will be crucial in how much money you’re able to spend in the following years. The closer you get to retirement, the more you’ll have to put away if you haven’t started saving in earlier years. Making sure you find other ways to help your retirement fund grow will be in your best interest. If your employer will match up to

  • December 2, 2019

    The holidays are upon us and that means more money will be spent! However, be careful not to go too far outside of your budget. Axiom Bank has compiled our favorite holiday savings hacks to help you keep more money in your pocket this season. Avoid Extras When buying food for the holidays or gifts for others, it can be really easy to treat yourself and get something too. Stop buying extra items, like that latte or new pair of shoes, and begin being a super saver. Make a list of what you need

  • November 4, 2019

    With just a little work, you can map out your financial goals for the upcoming year. When it comes to money, it can seem overwhelming or tricky to know where to begin. Luckily, Axiom Bank is here to help! We’ve come up with some of our favorite ways you can create your money goal for 2020. Figure Out Your Finances The first step you should take is to calculate how much income you bring in each month after expenses. You may feel that you have a good estimate, but once you start racking

  • October 25, 2019

    Each year, the holidays add a little more debt onto Americans. Last year, the average debt incurred per person was around $1,000. Because of this statistic, we want to help make sure you’re prepared financially. It’s never too early to start deciding what your holiday budget will be so that you aren’t fretting over overwhelming debt in the new year. If you haven’t set up a budget before, the holidays are a perfect place to start.  1. Start with what you have.  Every

  • October 18, 2019

    Too many Americans have poor money habits. Do you resonate with this in the way you spend and think about money? Perhaps you were never taught financial literacy in school like many others. However, there’s no time better than the present to start learning, so why not learn it from the experts at Axiom Bank? These are tried and true ways to say goodbye to bad money habits.  Track Your Spending It’s easy to overspend if we don’t really know that we are overspending. If

  • September 26, 2019

    From sunny beaches to tall mountains, everyone has their own version of a dream vacation. But, how do you save enough cash to go? It’s important to see the world and take in all it has to offer, which is why Axiom Bank has come up with these tried and trusted ways to save for your dream vacation. Timing is Key Instead of taking off five whole days of work, is there a week where you can travel to include a weekend and a holiday? This automatically gives you a three day start to your vacation,

  • September 12, 2019

    Blankets, gliders and toys galore – the list of items you need for your baby’s arrival seem like a mile long. The good news is that while some items like diapers and wipes are essential, baby can get along just fine without the matching crib and dresser set. Planning for the days ahead is what you should be focused on. From braces to college, you can give your child a head start in life by saving for their future now. Here are some ways to start bulking up the savings: Get Insured Insurance

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