Allied Affiliated Funding Provides $5,000,000 in Invoice Factoring to Louisiana Construction Company for the Oil & Gas Industry – June 30, 2018

Date Funded: 6/29/2018

Facility Amount: $5,000,000

The Company: This Louisiana-based distribution company provides a variety of oilfield related services such as customized containment berms, 24 hour hot-shot delivery, vacuum truck hauling, frac-tanks, wash crews, and equipment rentals.

The Issue: This company was financed by another factor for the previous five years but was looking for a new factoring relationship to accommodate new customer contracts and growth, one that could also offer more competitive pricing.

The Solution: The company’s CPA referred this company to Allied to help them meet their evolving and growing financial needs, and Allied was able to provide a $5,000,000 credit facility at a much-reduced costs to the company.

The Win: This Funding By Allied will provide this company the more competitive rates they were looking for and the flexibility they need to grow.

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