Allied Affiliated Funding Provides $1,500,000 in Invoice Factoring to Texas and Pennsylvania Aviation Services Company – November 1, 2018

Date Funded: 8/20/2018

Facility Amount: $1,500,000

The Company: This Texas and Pennsylvania-based company provides comprehensive helicopter repair and flight services focused on light to intermediate class helicopters.

The Issue: This company had been financed by another factor for about a year and was in good standing. However, the company was looking to exit that relationship because the transaction profile for the factor changed as a result of the factor’s recent sale to a bank.

The Solution: The company was referred to Allied. In addition to the refinancing, Allied was able to create a pricing structure that worked better for the company, only charging them for the actual funds being utilized each day, which gave the company greater flexibility in managing their cash.

The Win: This Funding By Allied will help the company refinance their existing obligations and provide a larger, more flexible facility for projected growth.

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