Budget 2019 written on notebook with calculator

If you’ve crafted a budget for your household, you are already off to a great start to taking control of your finances in the most useful way possible! There are things that can hinder a budget and your overall financial goals. Be sure to include these items in your budget now!


Your health is never guaranteed. Because of this, it can be challenging to plan for the unexpected. However, it is still important to have a line item in the budget for your health. Take a look at what appointments you know you will have this year and do your best to estimate copays and deductibles. They can add up quickly so make an additional cushion for this.

  1. GIFTS

Many people forget to budget for gifts, yet it is an expense that can’t be ignored in most social circles. We would recommend establishing a limit on what you are willing to spend for each person’s gift. This way, you will be able to calculate how many gifts to account for each month and you can feel confident that you are gifting your loved ones fairly.


Cars: we can’t live very well without them. Aside from the commonly set aside budget for basic maintenance, many people often forget about budgeting for registration and insurance. It’s easy to forget about the registration as it only comes to pass once a year. This unexpected expense can hit the budget hard, especially if your car is valuable. Set aside a little each month to save for this.


No matter what climate zone you live in, yard maintenance is often an overlooked expense. In addition to the extensive time it takes for upkeep, it can suck away at your budget quickly, especially if any repairs need to be made to the lawn mower or snow blower.


The secret to keeping a budget is letting yourself live a little. Yes, you can budget for “impulse” buys. It’s called mad money. Set a portion aside each month where you can spend a set amount on whatever you feel like. If it’s a wacky outfit for your pet or a special service at a local spa, you can feel the thrill of spending money burning the hole in your pocket without throwing off the rest of your budget.

We hope you can take these recommendations to heart in your next budget writeup. Keep your budget organized and up-to-date by utilizing My $ ManagerAxiomGO’s integrated budgeting tool, that allows you to view all your accounts in one place, set spending targets and conquer your budgeting goals.